Tee boxes are assigned and reviewed by the TC to insure a player is playing from the tee area that will provide him or her the best chance to enjoy the round. Whether the player will have a better chance of winning is irrelevant and is not part of the decision process.

The TC will base the tee box a player will be assigned based upon various criteria which include but not limited to skill level, ball distance, age and a few others. The player has the right to challenge the assignment at any time by contacting the TC and presenting their argument which will be reviewed and a decision made. 

Should there be an agreement to move, this will be done on a trail basis with scores being reviewed to determine if it should be permanent or it provided too great an advantage over the rest of the players in the tournament with the player moving back to the original tee assigned. The basic same review will also be held for a player who was moved or requested to be moved back a tee.