Version 2.0 - Revised January 1, 2011

Don’t presume anything. You are responsible to make sure the Tournament Chair knows what your status is with regard to playing or not and how and where any credit(s) will be used. If you don’t show up or provide proper and timely notification your entry fee will be forfeited.

Tournament Cancellation  

1. The TC will determine if a tournament is to be cancelled on the morning of the tournament 

2. Players should call the Pro Shop around 6:45am on the day of the tournament for updates on the status of the tournament  

3. Should the tournament be cancelled far enough in advance the TC will send out a broadcast message     

When a Tournament is Cancelled  

1. Should a tournament be cancelled the TC will presume unless otherwise notified that all who signed up for the cancelled tournament will play in the next scheduled tournament.  

2. It is the player’s responsibility to notify the TC should they not want to be automatically entered in the next scheduled tournament.     

Player Cancellation Because No Carts were Allowed  

There may be instances where the tournament will be played but no carts will be allowed because of course conditions. If carts are not allowed and a player cannot walk they can receive an entry fee credit by doing the following.  

1. The player must call the course the morning of the tournament to determine if carts will be allowed.  

2. Should no carts be allowed and the player wishes to cancel because of this they must leave their name with the pro shop and ask that it be pass on to the TC saying they will be cancelling. 

3. Should a player cancel it is their responsibility to notify the TC when they would like to enter a tournament using their entry fee credit.     

Player Cancellation  

There are of course no guarantees but the more advances notice given the better chance that the TC will be able to give the player a credit for their entry fee instead of forfeiting it.  

1. It is the responsibility of the player to officially notify the TC that they will not be able to play in the tournament. No Notification will result in the player’s entry fee being forfeited.  

2. The TC is not responsible for second hand messages that were not passed or messages left with other parties to pass on. If the TC doesn’t get the notification then the player’s entry fee is forfeited.  

3. If a player fails to show up, the player’s entry fee forfeited  

4. If late notice is given and we are required to pay for that player then the player’s entry fee is forfeit.